Package net.vleu.visitomatic

Interface Summary
Visitable Accepts to be visited by a VisitorRunner.
Objects implementing this interface are likely to contain methods or fields annotated by ToVisit.
Visitor Objects implementing this interface accepts to visit Visitables.

Class Summary
CompileTimeChecker This annotation processor does compile-time safety checks of the usage of VisitOMatic annotations : ToVisit and VisitingMethod.
VisitableReader A VisitableReader gives informations about a Visitable.
More specifically, they analyze fields marked with ToVisit and give informations about them.
A VisitableReader built for a class can be used many times for all instances of this class.
VisitorRunner Allows to run a Visitor on a Visitable.

Exception Summary

Annotation Types Summary
ToVisit Those fields or methods, part of a Visitable, are visited by a Visitor.
The order in which elements are visited depend on the ToVisit.position() attribute.
VisitingMethod Annotated methods, parts of a Visitor can be called by the VisitorRunner.