Brice Arnould


For recruiters

I have a track record of writing infrastructure software in Python and C++, handling major outages, getting people together and scaling distributed systems.

My résumé is available here.

I strive to make the most out of life while staying respectful of people and greater good. ENFJ
Beliefs & Ideology
My main belief is that life is awesome :-D. I’m mainly a left wing western-style buddhist. I deeply respect those who fully live their lives and challenge themselves while staying true to their principles.
I’m interested in everything I can play with, especially computers, and foundations of mathematics. I like to discover new things, and to recombine them in new way. Meeting people and being with people gives me energy.

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Things that you might find useful or interesting, among those I wrote:

KSM Preload
Enables legacy application to leverage Linux’s memory deduplication.
A defragmenter that runs in userspace, without the need of patching the kernel and while the system is used (for now, on GNU/Linux only).
Helps writing Python oneliner (like a pythonic AWK).
Pattern matching in Java (like the visitor design pattern without boilerplate code).