Computer projects

KSM Preload
Enables legacy application to leverage Linux’s memory deduplication.
A defragmenter that runs in userspace, without the need of patching the kernel and while the system is used (for now, on GNU/Linux only).
Helps writing Python oneliner (like a pythonic AWK).
Pattern matching in Java (like the visitor design pattern without boilerplate code).

Recent posts

Py1, a Python AWK hacks

Learning 300 tools is counterproductive, so one needs a fallback. Enters py1, my new project. It’s a “Python AWK”.

Agner on Optimisation Good reads

An exhaustive review of userspace performance of C, C++ and Assembly code. The author collected an impresive amount of information, structured it and put it in a set of 5 free PDFs.

PC ain’t no Turing Machines rants

The undecidability of the Halting Problem does not concern our computers — A piece of geek militancy.